Jackson EarlyChildhood Center

Important information


Below you will find important items to review before the school year begins:

School arrival/dismissal:

The school day begins at 8:45 am and ends at 3:15 pm.  Any student arriving after 8:55 am will be marked late.  






To ensure the safety of all children, we provide students with clear backpacks for their year in Jackson Early Childhood School.  In these backpacks we place a special card showing what their form of transportation is for dismissal.  This ensures that students will be placed on the correct bus or taken to the correct day care.  
We supply the students FIRST backpack of the year, but ask that if they need to be replaced that your purchase a new one from our office. 



Some items to keep in mind throughout the year:

1.  Attendance is IMPORTANT! Please review the attendance policy here. Important points to remember:
* You must provide written documentation stating the reason your child misses school.  This can be a doctor's note, a written excuse signed by a guardian, a message sent to your child's teacher through Class Dojo, or a phone call to the office.